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Economics, Public Policy, and Technology

Beatrice Low and Joylyn Wei co-host a series of workshops on economics and public policy-related topics. The first workshop is held on November 27, 2022 on interest rates. They led the discussion to look at why interest rates matter and how public policymakers use interest rates to influence our society’s businesses and daily life.

Michael Talbot, Beatrice Low, and Joylyn Wei held a workshop that provide an overview of the "U.S. Supreme Court and Public Policy" on December 30, 2022. The workshop introduced the U.S. Supreme Court structure and how it has a profound impact on public policy. Beatrice Low and Joylyn Wei discussed real-life issues and events to relate to what is happening in our community, our country, and the world. The workshop also provides Q&A for students to raise multiple interesting questions about presidents' elections.

Tina Trinkle, was the guest speaker in the "Banking and Public Policy" workshop hosted by Beatrice Low and Joylyn Wei on January 26, 2023. The banking industry plays a key role in the US and the world economy. The workshop introduces the banking structure, corporate lending, and how banks are regulated under government policy.

Jasna Dolgov, was the guest speaker in the "Business Law & Regulatory Requirements" workshop hosted by Beatrice Low and Joylyn Wei on February 28, 2023. The workshop walkthroughs the overview of business law, business ethics, social responsibility, and the U.S. Constitution. Ms. Dolgov also shared with students her career path and working experience.

Haim Cohen, was the guest speaker in the "Protect Your Digital Life in 5 Easy Steps" workshop hosted by Beatrice Low on March 25, 2023. Digital technology has transformed our world over the past years. Cybersecurity becomes important for Gen Z to learn how to protect their privacy and sensitive information from digital attacks.  The workshop covers the top 5 things anyone can do, using free services, to make sure you are safe and secure online.

Our Culinary Arts team has created an informative video "What Happens in the Oven" that explores the process of baking. This video takes you on a step-by-step journey through the art of making bread and cake. From measuring ingredients to mixing and kneading the dough to the magical transformation that occurs in the oven, this video provides a comprehensive guide to baking delicious treats.

Video Creator: Joylyn Wei

Our Culinary Arts team presented this video "Making Brownies" to provide clear instructions on how to make delicious brownies. By following along with the video, you will learn the art of creating these delectable treats from scratch.

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