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Economics, Public Policy, and Technology

"I have always been interested in public policy, particularly regarding the issues of education and gender equality. Learning economics helped me understand how people make choices and how public policy can influence those choices, and I realized how important of a skill economic analysis is when looking at the potential impact of different policies. In an increasingly digital world, technology fosters innovation, but also brings new risks and challenges to our daily lives. Public policy is vital to balancing technology and the wellbeing of our society. With this in mind, I wanted to create regular workshops so that everyone could have learning opportunies about these topics too.                                             

- Beatrice Low

Beatrice Low and Joylyn Wei organize a series of workshops with the aim of raising awareness about economics, public policy, and the role of technology in the contemporary world. These workshops provide a platform for professionals to share their insights and knowledge, expanding our learning and connecting us to the real world.

Featured Speakers

Workshop Speaker: Michael Talbot
Workshop Organizer: Beatrice Low, Joylyn Wei

This workshop was on the "U.S. Supreme Court and Public Policy". In this session, our speaker introduced the U.S. Supreme Court structure and how it has a profound impact on public policy and our lives. Beatrice Low and Joylyn Wei also discussed real-life issues and events to relate what our speaker spoke about to what is happening in our community, country, and the world.

Workshop Speaker: Tina Trinkle
Workshop Organizer: Beatrice Low, Joylyn Wei

This workshop was on "Banking and Public Policy".  In this session, our speaker introduced the important role of the banking industry in the U.S. and global economies. This workshop covered the banking structure, the significance of corporate lending, and how banks are regulated under government policies.

Workshop Speaker: Jasna Dolgov
Workshop Organizer: Beatrice Low, Joylyn Wei

This workshop was an introduction to U.S. Business Law And Regulatory Requirements. In this session, our speaker gave an overview of business law, business ethics, social responsibility, and the U.S. Constitution. Ms. Dolgov also shared her career path and working experience with our students.

Workshop Speaker: Haim Cohen
Workshop Organizer: Beatrice Low

This workshop was about how to "Protect Your Digital Life in 5 Easy Steps". Digital technology has transformed our society over the past years, and cybersecurity has become an important part of lives as we navigate the digital world. Our speaker highlighted the top 5 things anyone can do to make sure we are safe and secure online with the help of different routines and softwares. This workshop also informed our students how to protect their privacy and sensitive information from cyber attacks.  

Workshop Speaker: Brian Langenberg
Workshop Organizer: Beatrice Low, Joylyn Wei

This workshop focused on the topic of financial literacy and featured Mr. Brian Langenberg as a speaker who presented a highly interactive discussion on the topic of rational spending and smart saving. After introducing our students to the basic concepts and applications of behavioral economics, Mr. Langenberg walked through how to make rational decisions on spending, saving, and investing, and also provided insights into the decision-making process behind college and career choices.

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