Beatrice Low

Founder and CEO

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2020 was a challenging year because of the pandemic. Schools could not run in-person classes, and many students had to stay at home. Kids in under-resourced areas were particularly impacted, with many not graduating from high school due to a lack of resources and support. I wanted to apply my knowledge and skills to solve real-world issues. This fueled my passion to fight education inequality in the humanities, arts, social sciences, and technology (HASST).

                               – Beatrice Low, Founder, and CEO of BeHASSTic

Beatrice Low is a rising junior at Greenwich Academy who wants to make a meaningful impact on the community through social entrepreneurship. At BeHASSTic, she manages the day-to-day operations and actively searches for grants/funding to support the company. Over the past couple years, she has developed various partnerships to provide educational services to underrepresented groups. One of her other goals is to address the gender gap. Through her efforts, BeHASSTic become a host organization for Girls Who Code in 2021 to help marginalized communities gain access to computer science resources.

Beatrice also has a strong love for music. She began her violin studies at the age of 3 and currently studies with Sheryl Staples. She is an active solo performer who has played at major concert halls including both Lincoln Center as well as Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall. She has won numerous local, state, and international awards; recent awards include the Grand Prix Winner of the Concerto Competition and the first prize winner in American Protégé. Additionally, she is an avid chess player who has represented the state of Connecticut in-person at the National Girls Tournament of Champions for 6 consecutive years. She has been invited to AIME two times and was also invited to Math Prize for Girls this year. Her other interests include basketball, robotics, reading, and traveling.