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Gloria Xing
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Gloria Xing is a sophomore at Adlai E. Stevenson High Schools. She began dancing at the age of three, specifically in Chinese Classical dance. She continues her dance career and has experience in ballet, modern, and contemporary dances, in addition to Chinese Classical dance. She also pursues rhythmic gymnastics and trains five days a week. She has won numerous state, regional, and national awards for rhythmic gymnastics including multiple state first places, first place in the Midwest region, and first place in the nation. For dance, she has attended the International Taoli Bei twice and received Gold and Platinum awards. In addition, Gloria is Dance Leader at Stevenson High School and helps teach and conduct dance classes. She also tutors math on the weekends for elementary school kids and has been doing this for the past year. Outside of dance her hobbies include baking, drawing, and taking part in medical clubs and competitions.

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