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Social Science


Summer Programs


Economics for Leaders

This 6 days summer program is for aspiring 10th and 11th graders to learn economic and public policy in modern society,  become more impactful pioneers, discover their potential in this subject, and much more. Economics for Leaders is held in numerous locations across the United States from June through August and would be beneficial for any student yearning for a thorough and comprehensive program.

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John Locke Institute

The John Locke Institute Summer School is a unique experience where students will learn about the subject from world-renowned professors from the top universities across the entire world. In this program, students will listen to lectures, and attend seminars, and “tutorials” where 2 students will learn from one teacher, like a masterclass. Depending on which summer school the John Locke Institute does, students will learn about subjects such as history, economics, politics, and even philosophy. If you are a student who fits the profile as one who is motivated and curious, the John Locke Institute Summer School is a program you should seriously consider applying to.

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