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Spanish Classes

Spanish is a very important language in society and around the world. We currently offer 3 Spanish courses of different levels, with a variety of topics covered between 6~10 lessons for students to choose from. Students taking these classes will develop speaking, writing, and reading skills with Spanish, while also learning new vocabulary and grammar through interactive activities and slideshows. Most importantly, students will enjoy learning Spanish and develop a passionate interest, thanks to our hardworking and passionate volunteers.

Spanish 1

Our goal in these classes is to provide an introduction to Spanish and teaching students common phrases and expressions. Each week covers different topics such as greetings, family, and food.

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Spanish 2

Building upon Spanish 1, Spanish 2 offers harder vocabulary and grammar, along with harder comprehensive reading abilities and writing practice. Students must be in at least 5th grade, with some prior knowledge of Spanish.

Spanish Culture

Spanish Culture teaches basics of Spanish for beginners as well as parts of culture from many Spanish speaking countries.

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