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Carver Foundation

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I have witnessed the profound challenges faced by children who are not only receiving substandard education but also grappling with issues such as crime, racial discrimination, and unsafe housing. To address these disparities and promote education equity, I forged a partnership with the Carver Foundation in the summer of 2021. Together, we are dedicated to providing educational opportunities and resources in the Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Technology to students from underrepresented communities. Our aim is to empower these individuals and bridge the education gap, ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities to thrive and succeed in these vital areas of study.

- Beatrice Low


BeHASSTic is honored to have the opportunity to provide programs in Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Technology to children at the Carver Center (ages K-8). In the summer of 2021, the BeHASSTic team dedicated six weeks to providing free music and art classes to 100+ students at the George Washington Carver Community Center and at Kendall Elementary School. Since then, BeHASSTic has established a committed team that provides weekly programs to Carver students throughout the school year and in the summer.

BeHASSTic is grateful to the Greenleaf Foundation and Greenwich Academy for their generous grant and support of the BeHASSTic's program. These funds enable BeHASSTic to run high-quality HASST programs at various sites and continue providing equitable educational opportunities for students in our communities.

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