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As a passionate violinist, I strongly believe in the benefits of providing music and arts programs to students from an early age. Unfortunately, at many schools, arts funding is often the first to be cut when schools face budget constraints. At BeHASSTic, from 2021 to 2022, we partnered with the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) in Westport, providing them with stellar volunteers for their concerts and community events. In June 2022, we extend our services to support the Westport School of Music (WSM) curriculum and campers.


Seventeen dedicated volunteers from nine high schools are actively representing BeHASSTic in the MoCA and WSM programs and making a positive impact on the student journey.

We firmly believe that music and art programs have the power to enrich every child's life, fostering creativity, imagination, and the ability to dream big.

We hope that through initiatives like these, we can continue to advocate for the importance of music and arts education and ensure that every child has access to these transformative experiences.

- Beatrice Low

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