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English Language Arts (ELA)

Education plays a pivotal role in human development, forming our communities and shaping our future. Unfortunately, many children, especially in developing countries, lack access to quality education.

In July 2021, Evan Tian and I initiated the English Language Arts (ELA) program. This program specifically focuses on English literature and American culture, aiming to provide a unique platform for students worldwide to engage with English literature and develop a deep understanding of American traditions.

By offering the English Language Arts program on a global scale, we aim to bridge the gap and provide equal opportunities for students to explore diverse languages and cultures.

- Beatrice Low


Since its inception in July 2021, the program has attracted approximately 250 students from 22 provinces in China, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, and other parts of the world, many of whom did not have access to such opportunities beforehand.

Our program covers a wide range of topics, including business, banking, investment, sports, music, technology, and culture, providing students with a comprehensive learning experience. To accommodate the high demand, our team of 25 volunteers ensures a small class size and personalized experience. All of them are committed to offering their time and efforts, ensuring that all students can participate in the program.

The positive feedback and donations we have gotten have been overwhelming, with many people demonstrating their gratitude and appreciation for the program. Evan Tian and Beatrice Low generously used the donations, along with their contributions, to donate 20 Garden Towers to the USANA Foundation's sustainable program. This donation will enable 20 families to grow sustainable food for years to come, making a lasting impact on their lives.

Overall, BeHASSTic is thrilled to have made a difference in the lives of students worldwide through its curriculum and the generosity of our supporters.

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