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All forms of expression, interpretation, and representation of human creativity, skill, and imagination. Examples include music, art, theater, and dance.


Our Arts Program

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Acrylic Painting

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Intro to Sketching

Intro to Watercolor

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RCM Theory (Prep ~ Level 5)

ABRSM Theory (Level 1 ~ 5)

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Character Design

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Featured Programs

Masterclass Presenter: Regi Papa
Masterclass Organizer: Beatrice Low & Julia Zhao

BeHASSTic organized a violin masterclass and invited renowned violinist Regi Papa, associate concertmaster of the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra, to lead the session. We received a total of 20 applications from talented students, and after careful consideration, we selected Raymond Li and Brian Wu to participate in the masterclass. Both students had the opportunity to showcase their skills by performing their own pieces for Mr. Papa. During the session, Mr. Papa provided valuable feedback on various aspects, including posture, technique, musicality, and style.

Webinar Speaker: Melodie Hewer 
Webinar Organizer: Beatrice Low & Julia Zhao

As part of our commitment to providing exceptional learning experiences, BeHASSTic has invited Melodie Hewer, a distinguished expert in RCM theory and piano exams, to host an insightful webinar and engaging Q&A session. This exclusive event aims to offer valuable insights and guidance to aspiring musicians, further enhancing their understanding and mastery of RCM theory and piano exams.

Talent Show Organizer: Ziyi Yan

BeHASSTic organized a talent show for all students taking our classes, and it was a resounding success. Our dedicated volunteers thoroughly enjoyed each and every performance, and we were truly impressed by the exceptional talent showcased by our students. After careful consideration, we selected four outstanding winners: Clara, Teresa, Warran, and Brianna. These individuals stood out for their exceptional creativity, the high quality of their performances, and their remarkable musical talents. We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Clara Chen, who, at the tender age of 5, emerged as the youngest participant and truly amazed us with her beautiful voice. 

Music Theory Competition Organizer: June Qin

As a finale for our summer/fall session of the RCM Level 5 class, BeHASSTic organized a music theory competition. This competition serves as a platform for students to showcase the musical skills and knowledge that they have acquired from our RCM Level 5 class. It is also a fun and rewarding way to celebrate their achievements and progress. Furthermore, a big congratulations to Eric, Patty, and Jason who won the top 3 places and earned prizes!

Voice Class Concert Organizer: Ziyi Yan

To celebrate the end of our summer session of the voice class, BeHASSTic organized a concert featuring 7 of our talented students. They performed a variety of songs that showcased the vocal skills and styles that have learned from our voice class. Congratulations on their achievements and progress.

Workshop Presenter: Alysa Wu
Workshop Organizer: Ziyi Yan

To celebrate Valentine's Day, our Culinary Arts team has organized a workshop about making decadent green tea-flavored chocolates. This workshop is designed to indulge your senses and ignite your creativity as you learn to craft these exquisite treats. Guided by our volunteers, twenty-five participants have taken on a delightful journey, exploring the delicate balance of flavors and the intricacies of chocolate-making. All participants gain hands-on experience in creating unique and delectable chocolates that are sure to impress their loved ones.

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