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Girls Who Code Facts


In 2021, I had the privilege of being admitted to the Girls Who Code summer programs, where I not only developed my computer science skills but also worked on projects addressing pressing issues in our communities, such as cyber security and climate change. It was during this experience that I became aware of the significant gender gap in the technology field. Motivated to make a difference, I reached out to Girls Who Code and collaborated with them to establish two clubs at BeHASSTic. These clubs are dedicated to providing comprehensive resources, webinar training, and ongoing support for young girls in their journeys in technology. Over the course of two years, BeHASSTic has fostered a strong partnership with Girls Who Code, a renowned organization committed to closing the gender gap and empowering young girls. Together, we have successfully launched two Girls Who Code clubs, offering a platform for girls to explore and excel in the world of technology.

- Beatrice Low

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BeHASSTic has established a dedicated team to oversee the operations of two clubs for students from grades K-3 and from grades 4-12. These clubs run consistently throughout the school year and summer, focusing on creating a supportive and inclusive environment for female participants. Recognizing the potential biases and obstacles they may encounter, our clubs provide girls with safe spaces to express their ideas and learn from a curriculum that highlights the achievements of other women in the tech industry. The club's curriculum is highly adaptable, incorporating sisterhood activities, informative lessons about women in tech, and self-guided coding tutorials in various programming languages such as Scratch, Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and p5.js.

BeHASSTic organize the Girls' Computer Science Competition since 2021. A total of 50+ girls from 1st grade to 10th grade have participated in the competitions. 

Congratulations to our 2023 Winners

     Grand Prize: Emily Meng

     1st Prize: Alice Jiang

     2nd Prize: Nevaeh Hu

     3rd Prize: Anna Wang & Amy Hu

Special Thanks:

Many thanks to our gracious sponsors: Greenwich Academy, Greenleaf, Microchip, and North Star Fund. We would also like to thank our partner, Girls Who Code. Finally, we would like to thank our wonderful team leaders: Beatrice Low, Joylyn Wei, Peiling He, Oliver Wu, Annabella Luo, and Katherine Ni. They are role models who help to close the gender gap and inspire more females to pursue the computer science fields. 

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