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2023 Girls' Computer Science Competition

BeHASSTic has been hosting a program for Girls Who Code since 2021. Our goal is to help marginalized communities in gaining access to computer science resources. We held meetings and discussions regularly to raise awareness and cultivate interest in computer science & information technology from an early age. Our program aims to close the gender gap and inspire more females to pursue the computer science fields. In addition, we invite teachers, college professors, and professionals as event speakers to enhance the learning of the students. 


BeHASSTic is pleased to announce the 2023 Girls' Computer Science Competition to be held from June 19 to July 21. The competition is only open to girls from K-to-12th Grade. Registration is FREE and participants have a chance to win prize money by simply participating in the competition.


1. Complete the registration form and submit by June 16. Our team will send you the problem set / project and essay on May 31 based on the level you register in. 


2. The competition offers four different levels. Each student is only allowed to select one of the four levels that  you like to compete in. We offer prize money for multiple winners at each level.


Level 1 - 20 multiple choices + complete one essay

Level 2 - 10 Problem set + complete one essay

Level 3 - 20 Problem set + complete one essay

Level 4 - Project + complete one essay


For Level 4, you may work individually or in a group of up to 4 girls. 

Registration Form

Meet The Team

Thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters!!

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