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Computer Science & Information Technology Club

Our club holds meetings and discussions regularly to raise awareness and cultivate interest in computer science & information technology from an early age. We also want to close the gender gap and inspire more females to pursue computer science fields and impact the community positively. We aim to provide a highly interactive platform to help young students become more technologically savvy in this increasingly digital world. Aside from introducing and teaching computer science languages and various industry applications of technology, the club hosts hands-on game design and projects, and sponsors competitions and forums by industry professionals. Innovation and rapid growth in the digital world have had a significant impact on both technology and economics and learning how to solve issues facing our communities by examining the intersection of economics, public policy, and technology is something we want to explore further. Our club collaborates with our Economics & Public Policy club to deepen our knowledge and skillset to new heights across both fields.

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Economics and Public Policy Club

Economics and public policy are a problem-based social science and connect with everyone’s daily life. The study of economics and public policy helps us understand the world around and prepares us to make choice wisely when it comes to our personal, social and professional lives. The club aims to create an encouraging environment to inspire young students to discuss and think through how current economics and public policies have been exerting influence and impact on their daily life and decision making, aside from providing education on basic economics business concepts and public policy. Through the learning process, students are expected to develop the problem solving, data analyzing, and decision-making skills. The club also invites professionals working in economics, business and policy-making industries to the forums to share their experience and provide firsthand insights.

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