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Joyce Hu


UC Berkeley

Joyce Hu began to play the violin with the Betty Haag Academy of Music (Magical Strings of Youth) at age 5. As a part of a select ensemble, she has performed throughout Germany, including the Handel House in Halle, the Mendelssohn Hall in Leipzig, the Bach Museum in Köthen, the Berlin Cathedral, and in the Augustinian Church (July 2014); in Carnegie Hall in New York (May 31, 2016); and in Lisbon, Portugal as a collaboration with a Portuguese violin school (June 2017). She participates in yearly recitals with the group. Additionally, Joyce is a passionate writer in her free time, inspired by the imaginative fiction books she consumed from a young age. She is currently a published author in The Wit Literary Magazine Vol. 54, with her short story D.S. al Fine. As extracurriculars, she enjoys planning school events and volunteer opportunities with her class board, golfing with the school team, taking weekly drawing lessons, singing with the Palatine Children's Chorus, playing in the Baroque Ensemble, and learning traditional Chinese dance.

Joyce Hu
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