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Justine Chen


Woodbridge High-School

Justine Chen lives in Irvine, California and currently a junior at Woodbridge High School.

She has participated in the Woodbridge Percussion Ensemble for two years; one year on the synthesizer, and one year on the marimba. She also participated in the symphonic orchestra as the pianist. She has been playing piano for almost seven years, reaching the level ten of the Certificate of Merit Exams. Outside of school, she has also entered in the Junior's Festival Piano of the MTAC Program for the past four years and still counting.

In Addition to learning reading and writing in Chinese class, she has been speaking and understanding fluent Chinese at home. Learning to read and write in Chinese is a bit of a challenge, but its worth it at the end! All it takes is practice! Although reading and writing Chinese is a bit of an obstacle in the area of Chinese, She has been excelling in the Honors English track, earning straight A's for the past couple of years. She personally also really enjoys reading books on my own, Her favorite book being Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone.

She is really excited to help out BeHASStic and help educate unique and marvelous minds of amazing kids!

Justine Chen
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