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Tristan Hu

New York

Special Music School

Tristan Hu is currently a senior at the prestigious Special Music School High School of NYC and has been studying music for over 10 years. He passed the Royal Conservatory of Music Level 10 Piano Exam with First Class Honors. Some of Tristan's awards include Silver Award for the teen’s group and Bronze Award for the Junior Group for Sinovision American Youth Talent and Art Contests for Piano. He also won Most Romantic Piece for The Piano School of New York City’s First Annual Youth Competition in 2017. Tristan has also been composing since 5th grade in the NY Philharmonic Young Composer program. His original compositions “Armageddon”, and “The Flying Pirahna” were performed by the New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center and the St. George Theater of Staten Island in 2019. Recently, he also wrote an original piece “Never Give Up” which was danced to by professional dancer Alan Good to inspire people fighting COVID-19.

Tristan Hu
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