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Beatrice Low

Westport, CT

Greenwich Academy

Founder and CEO

Beatrice Low is a senior at Greenwich Academy in Greenwich, CT. As the founder and CEO of BeHASSTic, Beatrice manages day-to-day operations and actively seeks grants and funding to further the organization's mission. One of her key objectives is to address critical social issues and bridge the gender gap in technology by empowering students with the tools they need to succeed. Recognizing the impact on under-resourced areas, she aims to provide essential support to students who lack access to resources and opportunities, ensuring that no one is left behind in their educational journey, and over the past couple of years, she has developed various partnerships with organizations serving underrepresented groups and senior citizens.

Beyond her nonprofit endeavors, Beatrice is an accomplished musician who has served in leadership roles in a number of renowned orchestras including assistant principal in the Juilliard Pre-college orchestra and concertmaster of the Western Regional Orchestra. Currently studying violin at Juilliard Pre-College under the guidance of Sheryl Staples, she aspires to democratize music and regularly performs at local community events and senior centers, sharing the joy of music with others.

Beatrice has a strong interest in chess, serving as captain of her school’s chess team and representing Connecticut in-person at the National Girls Tournaments of Champions for six consecutive years. She was recently inducted in the CT Chess Hall of Fame, becoming both the youngest ever inductee and first female inductee.

In the academic realm, Beatrice's is a two-time AIME qualifier, an MIT Math Prize for Girls invitee, and a winner of the STEM research project award at the VEX IQ World Championships. As a scholar and researcher, Beatrice has written research papers on how attending all-girls versus co-ed schools impacts the likelihood of female students pursuing STEM careers and was the first author of a paper published in IEEE Access titled “Risk-Informed and AI-based Bias Detection on Gender, Race, and Income using Gen-Z Survey Data”. In her free time, Beatrice enjoys reading, traveling, and watching sports.

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